Sunday, October 25, 2009

Makin aces

Things going well.

We have played some awesome shows which are listed below. We also managed to score this

Fuck. Thanks to the people putting that show together.

You know what. Girlfight. Lets talk about them.
Each and every person is a great person. Their set is great. You can get lost in it, its so smooth. They sound like they have put a lot of effort in to their live sound and they are very fun to be around, which comes out live. Get in to them and support hard.

We are not working on shit right now in terms of new music but after the last show we will have done a lot. CDs, shirts, shows, and lots of new gear. So after this we are looking to probably be writing. Nothing past that. That is gonna be our focus. Whatever is in front of our faces.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off in

Shows coming up:

9/26/2009 4pm
Alex's House
134 Euclid Ave
Clarksburg,WV 26301
w/Girlfight, Of Truth

10/10/2009 6pm
Belly of the Beast
1509 Park Ave
w/Forced Hand, Enzuguiri

Mr. Roboto Project
w/Girlfight and Consumer. Holy fuck.

10/22/2009 10pm
123 Pleasant St.
Morgantown,WV 26505
w/Girlfight, A Perfect Future

11/1/2009 7pm
The Warren
214 1/2 East Main St
Frostburg, MD
w/edhoculi and more

Hrm. We ordered more shirts. CD is done and should be available at the shows in October.

Not shit other than that.

Thank you for checking in with us!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

By trade

The cd is coming along well. We are just waiting for the final mastered version and then we will release it.
The packaging will be mainly DIY like client state, but also feature a gnarly piece designed by a friend of ours. More info will come when we actually present it.

We are about finished on a new song that will wind up on whatever we release after 'The Black Engulfs Our Sun.'

Speaking of new music be sure to check out new Burnt By The Sun as well as new Converge music on the Converge myspace.

We have some shows lined up for the fall and a radio segment on U92 (West Virginia University's college radio station). We will be on 'No Remorse', their heavy music show, Tuesday night August 25th, 2009. Tune in at about 11:50 pm. where you can stream live
91.7 FM on your dial.

Keep in touch

Monday, July 27, 2009



Recording is going well. Vocal recording might get pushed back but should only be pushed back 3 or 7 days. Expect "The Black Engulfs Our Sun" to be ready on time in late August.

Track Listing:
2.No, Panic
3.Flood Watch
4.Listen to Cursed
5.Anatomical Theatre

This fall should be more of the same. We have about 7 dates set aside for shows for Sept, Oct, Nov. November should clear up as we get there. Ideally, and honestly lol, we would love to be playing a couple shows and getting ready to record again, and hopefully for a label. If not, hopefully we'll still play a couple shows, we would still want to record again, and maybe it will be something cool like a split with Old Age. There you have our thoughts for now, and our hopes for the next few months. Our efforts do not change at all, we would just like to possibly have some new ingredients when recording this fall and maybe a new pan to cook in. Regardless, we always like to hang out and talk at shows. Tell us what you're feelin on what we're doin and we'll talk about 'Entourage'.



Friday, July 3, 2009


Recording schedule
July 19th-Drums
July 26th- Bass, One guitar
August 2nd-Other guitar, Vocals

Lucas Fowler from Old Age will be adding some vocals and some guitar lines.

No names yet for the EP, but we do have a fifth song for it that we just finished last weekend. If we get to 6 we will let you know.

We made some gear changes, with little thanks to Guitar Centers, which I (BJ) will be posting about soon.

Shirts have been ordered so Monday we should be getting those in. You can email us on our myspace about getting one.

Other than that yea, our set has changed here and there because of new songs. We worked out a pretty good set list with a flex spot so we can rotate a song whenever we play, but its way better for us to have some order to our set. We just play better and get caught up way more instead of stopping to gather our heads after every song. We go further out there within our set because we do not have to go back to the reset point.

Thanks very much again. As always please get vocal with us. I mean, you can tell us fuck you, but give it a rest. If we blow, then step aside and let anyone who wants to blow with us blow. We are always down to talk as long as you are not a douche.


Monday, June 1, 2009


May was awesome! Hopefully someone reading this came out to a show and said hi.

Thanks to the bands we played with and the places we played for the fun times!

June is going to be pretty quiet. We are trying to hook up with Burdens and Controversy on June 18th. And maybe a show or two with Consumer the weekend of June 26th and June 27th. We might have 0,1,2, or 3 shows in that case. We are definitely going to be tightening things up and writing a new song or two to put on our next release.

We will be recording in July the same way as before; record with Brian Spragg and mix/master with Vince Ratti. So far (in no order) the tracks would cut like this
1)Anatomical theatre
2)Flood Watch/Warning
4)Listen to Cursed

Add one or two to that list and you'll have our next release 'sat with shit'.
No,I dunno, we haven't even talked about it.

Hey! We are getting shirts made this week. We will have a run of 15 (6 small, 6 med, 3 large). Now, two of the three larges are gone for sure, so hit us up here or on myspizzle if you want the other large. I'll post pics as soon as they come on.

Nice little selection goin with cds, stickers, buttons, and now shirts. Now if only we got good.

Thank you

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


West Virginia is recovering from the flooding which affected our friend Greg. He is the hardass up top holding that orange balloon. Everything is ok, but he did invest in swimmies for his animals.

May 15
Old Age
Most Ill
Justin's House

May 22
Mega Touch
123 Pleasant Street

May 31
The Roboto Project

That is an updated list and all that is for sure right now.

June 18th may very well be a day you should get off work. If we play that day it will be with burdens and controversy.
Fucking rad.

Still trying to get some recording dates this summer.
We have Anatomical Theatre, No Panic, Death Dreams, Listen to Cursed, and an untitled song that we could put on our next release, but maybe by the time we record we will have more. We will play songs before we record them, so come to some fuckin shows already.


Thursday, April 30, 2009


May 1-Black Flag Tribute
Morgantown, WV
we are playing 'Scream' and 'Damaged'
Check out some original live footage of Black Flag
w/Old Age and Count Me In

May 9th-Red Dragon Tattoo
Rainelle, WV
w/Old Age and Count Me In

May 15th-Justin's House
Parkersburg, WV
w/ Old Age, Landmine, Most Ill

May 22-123 Pleasant Street
Morgantown, WV
w/Mega Touch, The Handshake Murders

May 31- Robot Project
Pittsburgh, PA
w/Rosetta, The Handshake Murders

June 15- Yesterdays
w/Architect, The Handshake Murders

We have 2 new songs done, so we will be able to reshape our set list quite a bit. They are agressive still, and more coherent in that they are just well written, so we are getting better at this.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make it

We are lining up shows in May. One per weekend. Black Flag semi-tribute show with us, Old Age, and Count Me In on May 1st at 604 ARlington. Each band is doing 2 covers and 5 of their own songs.

The 9th, 15th, 22nd, and 31st are the other dates but nothing is final yet.

This was a good week of hearing some new music online.

The handshake murders are working on new music so show them support

CDs, stickers, buttons, and shirts are available just message us on here or post a comment and let us know where to send them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In a minute...

We finished 'Death Dreams' this week. We have yet to play it live, and have only played 'Anatomical Theatre' live once, and that was as a 4 piece. So at the Feb 10th show at Pleasure Island we will have both of those in the set and the tracks on the EP. Just fyi in case anyone is like me and likes to hear setlist spoilers.

We are preparing to record this May. As it sits we are going to Skylight and we are stoked on that.


Feb 10th:Pittsburgh
March 6th: Maryland

We might be playing Parkersburg on Feb 7th, but that is not solid.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gear Update

Behind the frontlines, here is the rest of what is goin on...

Fender Telecaster Deluxe Reissue
Vox AC 30
Top Hat 2x12
Teisco 2x15
on one side

Tama 1980s 24x18
Tama 1980s 18x16
Tama 1980s 13x13
Fibes Vintage 6x14/Pork Pie 7x13
2 Zildjian 20" rides
in the middle

Late 70s Grabber
76 Guild M80
Peavey VTM 120
Peavy Series 400
Mesa 4x12
Traynor 2x15
on the other side

Cruncher revenge

Client State EP is out

Details include being recorded by Brian Spragg (Morgantown, WV), mixed and mastered by Vince Ratti (Fairless Hills, PA), and recorded in about 5 or 6 sessions; nothing extreme.

If you want one, let us know. We can dice in some buttons and sickers as well.

We had our first show this past weekend at 604 Arlington. I think our last show was the sixth of November; a two month layoff. So we wrapped the cd up, and wrote a new song that we played at the 604 show. We have some plans to head to Canada this summer and play a few shows and record for a vinyl release.

We will be adding shows around southern, northwestern PA, western/central MD, and in the parkersburg area of WV/ohio. Lot of places and friends in those areas.

Right now we have a show in St Albans on the 7th of April, so we will add more as we get them.