Sunday, December 18, 2011


Live video of a song from the 123 Pleasant Street show over on the facebook.
It is a new song entitled "unapologetically apathetic. I dont care". It will be on the 12" split with Seattle based Cynarae and will come via A389 Records.

Right now we have 4 complete songs
-unapologetically apathetic. I dont care.
-Forget the sinking ships

It seems like we have our chops ready for two more on this release.

The show was great. We have another show at 123 on Jan 5th.
Rumors of a Pittsburgh show Jan 15th.
A show in Philadelphia Feb 4.

For each of those we are attempting to play another show day before/after. You will have to keep checking for more info. We do not post all the info it until it is solid like a good brick.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something Mesh

We're currently 4 songs in to the next record. I think we are learning more and more how to get this shit right. The songs and ideas are awesome, and the topics of discussion surrounding a release are very cohesive. We are really looking forward to everything about the next release.

We have a show in Morgantown, WV
December 15, 2011
123 Pleasant Street
Doors at 8/Show at 10
Single Dads
Sweet Life
Dead Lizard
Ancient Shores

We'll announce other shows as we get them. We will be playing some of this new shit at the shows.

We're always looking for more communique, so talk to us here or facebook or stereo killer, where ever you may already have a profile.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pulling Teeth

Dom plays in pulling teeth and is giving us a big opportunity by releasing Step to the Edge.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The 7" and show

Preorder our 7" Step to the Edge here:


listen to a group of good bands via the bundle available at the top of the front page

Thank you to A389!

Show announcement:


P.S. Trap them has added dates with the Red Chord and Gaza (holy fuck). Check out their myspace.

Also, Full of Hell, Girlfight, Ken Mode, are all worth your time.

Be sure to keep up on WV goings on here

Saturday, January 29, 2011

An update or two

We are proud to announce (a little late) that we have joined the roster of A389 Records along with Full of Hell. We are all extremely excited about the opportunity we have been given and can't wait to get our new release out! Check out and give all the bands a listen and to hear our new track "BTK". We're getting closer to the end of the tunnel and it should finally be ready shortly. We've decided to title the record "Step to the Edge" and I can't wait to finally see/hear the finished product.

We're already planning ahead for our next record as well. We're getting some riffs together to start working on new material.

Shows are getting lined up for the coming months. So far I think all we have confirmed is Hell Bent Fest in Glendale, WV on March 19th. I think it's going to be an all day thing. Looks like right now there are 10 bands on it. Can't wait to play with Full of Hell again and I'm extremely stoked to see Old Accusers once more. I'm pretty sure Code Orange Kids are gonna be there as well and everyone knows they always put on a great set. So far sounds like an awesome time. More details on that as we get closer.

Stay on your toes. Joel.