Sunday, December 18, 2011


Live video of a song from the 123 Pleasant Street show over on the facebook.
It is a new song entitled "unapologetically apathetic. I dont care". It will be on the 12" split with Seattle based Cynarae and will come via A389 Records.

Right now we have 4 complete songs
-unapologetically apathetic. I dont care.
-Forget the sinking ships

It seems like we have our chops ready for two more on this release.

The show was great. We have another show at 123 on Jan 5th.
Rumors of a Pittsburgh show Jan 15th.
A show in Philadelphia Feb 4.

For each of those we are attempting to play another show day before/after. You will have to keep checking for more info. We do not post all the info it until it is solid like a good brick.