Sunday, December 9, 2012


On December 17th A389 will begin taking pre-orders for the 12" split with Cynarae

We are very glad to have A389's support for this release and were fortunate in having a lot of our friends contribute vocals. It was mixed by Vince Ratti at The Skylight Studio, mastered at New Alliance East, and features artwork by Andrew Crenshaw at Broken Press.

Visit A389's website, add them on facebook, and follow them on twitter to get updates.

On December 15th we begin recording for a split 7" with Minneapolis band Mourner. Our side will feature 2 new songs and Mourner will have a brand new song occupying their side.

Brooklyn-based Low Existence Records will be releasing this record and we are excited to be on their radar. It is a young label but we can say that the man running it is working within his means and focused on delivering.

We would like to welcome a new member to Ancient Shores which doubles our percussion section.