Monday, June 1, 2009


May was awesome! Hopefully someone reading this came out to a show and said hi.

Thanks to the bands we played with and the places we played for the fun times!

June is going to be pretty quiet. We are trying to hook up with Burdens and Controversy on June 18th. And maybe a show or two with Consumer the weekend of June 26th and June 27th. We might have 0,1,2, or 3 shows in that case. We are definitely going to be tightening things up and writing a new song or two to put on our next release.

We will be recording in July the same way as before; record with Brian Spragg and mix/master with Vince Ratti. So far (in no order) the tracks would cut like this
1)Anatomical theatre
2)Flood Watch/Warning
4)Listen to Cursed

Add one or two to that list and you'll have our next release 'sat with shit'.
No,I dunno, we haven't even talked about it.

Hey! We are getting shirts made this week. We will have a run of 15 (6 small, 6 med, 3 large). Now, two of the three larges are gone for sure, so hit us up here or on myspizzle if you want the other large. I'll post pics as soon as they come on.

Nice little selection goin with cds, stickers, buttons, and now shirts. Now if only we got good.

Thank you

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