Monday, February 13, 2012


As of February 13th we are done writing for our side of the A389 split with Cynarae. Our side clocks in at roughly 21 mins.

Un-apologetically Apathetic
Forget the Sinking Ships

That is our side. I doubt we will release any artwork previews before it, or anything like that really. You will know when it is coming out and where you can get it.

Day 1 of preparation

We are looking very forward to the next step in the process. The writing sessions for this record have been interesting. We wrote 'Step to the Edge' basically in the order they are on the record, and in a matter of a couple months. This group of songs have been written and played live (some of them anyway) over a longer period of time, and changed. These songs will seemingly integrate a live feeling, and also something of a concept in musical and lyrical terms. We talked about that initially, and basically decided that if we fell in to it, then we would go with it. Coming out of it, there seems to be a balance of live rigidity and thorough creative effort. We will not claim that we went away from doing whatever the fuck each person wants to do, because it is what works for us.

This is an upcoming show.

It might very well become an annual event. The person putting it on is a very hard working person so we are grateful to be a part of it.

If you do not have a record player, then just pick up the digital version of our 'Step to the Edge' EP from A389 Records. for all other info or questions.