Wednesday, August 19, 2009

By trade

The cd is coming along well. We are just waiting for the final mastered version and then we will release it.
The packaging will be mainly DIY like client state, but also feature a gnarly piece designed by a friend of ours. More info will come when we actually present it.

We are about finished on a new song that will wind up on whatever we release after 'The Black Engulfs Our Sun.'

Speaking of new music be sure to check out new Burnt By The Sun as well as new Converge music on the Converge myspace.

We have some shows lined up for the fall and a radio segment on U92 (West Virginia University's college radio station). We will be on 'No Remorse', their heavy music show, Tuesday night August 25th, 2009. Tune in at about 11:50 pm. where you can stream live
91.7 FM on your dial.

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