Sunday, January 25, 2009

In a minute...

We finished 'Death Dreams' this week. We have yet to play it live, and have only played 'Anatomical Theatre' live once, and that was as a 4 piece. So at the Feb 10th show at Pleasure Island we will have both of those in the set and the tracks on the EP. Just fyi in case anyone is like me and likes to hear setlist spoilers.

We are preparing to record this May. As it sits we are going to Skylight and we are stoked on that.


Feb 10th:Pittsburgh
March 6th: Maryland

We might be playing Parkersburg on Feb 7th, but that is not solid.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gear Update

Behind the frontlines, here is the rest of what is goin on...

Fender Telecaster Deluxe Reissue
Vox AC 30
Top Hat 2x12
Teisco 2x15
on one side

Tama 1980s 24x18
Tama 1980s 18x16
Tama 1980s 13x13
Fibes Vintage 6x14/Pork Pie 7x13
2 Zildjian 20" rides
in the middle

Late 70s Grabber
76 Guild M80
Peavey VTM 120
Peavy Series 400
Mesa 4x12
Traynor 2x15
on the other side

Cruncher revenge

Client State EP is out

Details include being recorded by Brian Spragg (Morgantown, WV), mixed and mastered by Vince Ratti (Fairless Hills, PA), and recorded in about 5 or 6 sessions; nothing extreme.

If you want one, let us know. We can dice in some buttons and sickers as well.

We had our first show this past weekend at 604 Arlington. I think our last show was the sixth of November; a two month layoff. So we wrapped the cd up, and wrote a new song that we played at the 604 show. We have some plans to head to Canada this summer and play a few shows and record for a vinyl release.

We will be adding shows around southern, northwestern PA, western/central MD, and in the parkersburg area of WV/ohio. Lot of places and friends in those areas.

Right now we have a show in St Albans on the 7th of April, so we will add more as we get them.