Monday, July 27, 2009



Recording is going well. Vocal recording might get pushed back but should only be pushed back 3 or 7 days. Expect "The Black Engulfs Our Sun" to be ready on time in late August.

Track Listing:
2.No, Panic
3.Flood Watch
4.Listen to Cursed
5.Anatomical Theatre

This fall should be more of the same. We have about 7 dates set aside for shows for Sept, Oct, Nov. November should clear up as we get there. Ideally, and honestly lol, we would love to be playing a couple shows and getting ready to record again, and hopefully for a label. If not, hopefully we'll still play a couple shows, we would still want to record again, and maybe it will be something cool like a split with Old Age. There you have our thoughts for now, and our hopes for the next few months. Our efforts do not change at all, we would just like to possibly have some new ingredients when recording this fall and maybe a new pan to cook in. Regardless, we always like to hang out and talk at shows. Tell us what you're feelin on what we're doin and we'll talk about 'Entourage'.



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