Saturday, March 10, 2012


Un-apologetically apathetic
Sinking Ships
Not on the Ground
The Destroyer

This is our side of the 12" split with Cynarae that A389 Records is putting out later this spring. We are over halfway done recording at the moment.

This will be the majority of our set list, with another 1-2 songs from past releases. So come get an idea of what our side will sound like at some upcoming shows.

We are working on a design to add to the Hellfish store in addition to the one already up

By the time we have the split we will have a new design available at shows and on our big cartel.

Here is Un-apologetically apathetic live at an awesome show we played in Bethlehem, PA in February:

That is basically what is going on. Shoot us an email for anything about shows or anything else.