Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vinyl shows

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the split with Cynarae that A389 Issued.

You can get it here...

If you have yet to hear anything from it, visit the bandcamp...

We finished recording two songs for a split with Minneapolis band, Mourner.
One of the songs "Pentagram" is featured in the following video of our full set from the A389 Bash in January of 2013.

Thank you to Sunny at Hate5Six Productions...

We have yet to add the other song on that split to our set, but starting with a round of shows in April we will be playing it.

We will post more details on the split after it is completed.

We will be at MacRock again this year. After that we have a couple shows lined up with Zozobra and Kowloon Walled City!! Details forthcoming! Also, on May 7th Young Widows will be playing our hometown (Morgantown, WV) at 123 Pleasant Street with us and Sleepwalker.

Some more show news: we have been talking to Narratives (NC) about joining up for shows in July. East Coast and Canada locations. We will post any dates of that we do, here, on twitter, facebook, all those places.

For something more immediate, on March 2nd, Exorcast ( will be posting a new Podcast episode where the winners of the Ancient Shores Step to the Edge 7" vinyl giveaway will be announced. Brett, BJ, and Greg will be talking movies with Vince and the Beard.

I think you are up to speed now. Thanks for the continued support. It really is a lot of fun to see anyone at a show that is actually there to listen to us, or gives us the time of day if they have never heard of us. We are usually good about giving away some shit at our merch table, so come up and talk.

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