Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Latest

It has been a quiet couple months. The split is completely finished and will be out in 2013 from A389 Records.  You can see the artwork here.
A lot of great music coming out in 2013 on A389. Ilsa reissue of their first record, new Withdrawal, Astronomer 10", Weekend Nachos and a lot more.
Check out their bandcamp if you need some new music

We are currently writing for a split with Mourner that Low Existence Records will be putting out. Very excited for this and word is Mourner has already finished writing for it.

We added some items to the webstore

Make sure to give Worms Feed a listen; they are really good.

Other than that, we will get some show announcements posted when we get some lined up.
As always, thanks for the support.

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