Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We have some shows finalized, and some more on the way but we won't even mention those until they are set...but if they go through they will be pretty awesome.

Jan 5: 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV. Show at 10pm. $5

Jan 15: Parkersburg, WV with Homewrecker Doors at 6:30. $6

Feb 2: 123 Pleasant Street with Full of Hell and more. Doors at 8. $5
Feb 3: The Secret Art Space. Bethlehem, PA. with Full of Hell Time TBA Cost TBD

We have solidified 4 whole songs (the aforementioned ones) for our upcoming split 12" with Cynarae. It will arrive courtesy of A389 Records and we will update with recording process info. We are playing 3 of them in our set, and hope to add 2 more to finish out the split. When we say solidified, we mean they are written, played, and listened to. We all got in the habit of exposing ourselves to the songs as we were writing them, and that has helped out a lot. We are definitely more confident that as listeners, they are very enjoyable songs. We like to write a lot, and one very important aspect of that is the end result. We want these songs to be close enough to us, that we would listen to them if it was another band writing them. It sounds like an oxy moron, but basically we just want to write good shit.

Check out the big cartel for our latest shirts and stuff, as well as all those links at the bottom of the page.

If anyone has any questions or general info to pass along, send us an email

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