Saturday, December 25, 2010

Riff splash

Thanks to the shredders that came out to the Parkersburg show and showed us how hard they are.

There is a review up for it here:

Thanks to jacob for promoting and letting us play.

We have received some mixes of the 4 tracks we recorded. Ball rolling.
A cassette label friend of ours in Harrisburg PA has begun our cassette tape production by working on the case, artwork, etc. They are each hand made and we are doing 20 (i think) that we will have sometime soon. I would seriously say January will see the release of new music.

What the fuck else...

We are in the midst of some gear changes which is always exciting.
Next show is January 28th in Wheeling.
No updates on the 7" artwork or anything related.

So go to Trap Them's blog ( also on the link list to the right) and catch up. They have been posting a lot of show summaries and doing so from memory (as far as i can tell). They clearly appreciate everything they do/have done, every show played, every banged head, every dove staged, every injury, each other, etc. And actually I can say that we, not just me/I (is it me or I here?), appreciate them.


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