Saturday, November 15, 2008

About time

it's a tricky thing.
We finished recording all of our tracks with Brian Spragg (Morgantown, WV), of it's Birds, and sent them away to be mixed and mastered. We will get to all of that in the next post when we have the songs back and done.

You have seen the packaging, and we will include the lyrics, so get at us if you want a cd, button, sticker, or spraypaint shirt.

The halloween show was awesome. Having Don the Reader hop on was super, and we have plent of pics on the myspace, plus more to be put up. We do have vid from that show.

The 123 show with Trigger Effect the next week went well. Jarred made it up specifically for that show. It is pretty amazing when your friends move away to move further in life, but still make special trips to see what you are doing and especially with this band, it is an appreciated effort. I hope more people can get in to our shit like that, but if not who fuckin cares. Jarred is awesome. Plus its pretty great when all of your friends that may see you practice, or see you a couple times a month still come out and pay money to go to a show. That is definitely appreciated cause we have played shows to zero people like every other band has, and it is better when you are in your home town and have a good amount of your friends occupying the immediate space. Parkersburg was like that too. Thank you Trigger Effect for playing that show too. Swell men.

Our next booked show is in April but we will have some more before then.

We finished a new song this week, and will be starting another one here in the next couple weeks. No slow song yet, but we will get due timeI do not think we need to write one actually. Cursed and Trap Them have covered that base well enough this year.

New vid up on youtube, and more to come. We have more vid from that Pburg show, and the Halloween and 123 shows yet to put up.

For now, that is everything going on with Ancient Shores.

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