Friday, June 20, 2008

At the moment

We are set to record on July 17th, July 18th, and July 19th. The tracks will be Client State, Welcome to the Fucking Times, Absolute Time/Absolute Space/Absolute God, and (possibly a fourth)Listen to Cursed or When Everything Goes to Hell. We are recording at the Skylight Studio in Fairless Hills, PA. I think we all were digging the time he spent with Turmoil, the Minor Times, and Circa Survive so we emailed him up and worked out some dates.. Right now we have no shows scheduled before tour. We are going to be practicing a lot, and giving Joel as many reps as needed to feel totally comfortable with the set. Right now we have seven songs; we played a full set a couple Fridays ago and it went well. Greg did not throw up (involuntarily) at the show, but did experience some minor nausea and party syndrome. We will be bringing this set to 5 cities on a run with Bearathon at the end of July, so then when we get back we will be writing some more. We are going to try to get on some fests in the upcoming seasons, and watch some bands rage and then go rage ourselves.

Let's keep this between you and us. This is where we would like to hang, so fuckin go listen to some tracks on the myspace or and throw down some conversation here.